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Important Notice:

At Fetish House not only do we permit FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION in all it's forms but we actively encourage it... Whilst you are visiting us you will, at times, hear others whether they be in the throes of ecstasy or crying/yelling out if they are involved in a S&M scene... We, and almost all of our client base, believe this actually adds to the ambience of our venue and enhances other sessions. We make no apology for this as this is what we specialise in and we provide a safe haven for those who do wish to loudly express themselves if they wish. If you require silence during your session or are bothered by moans, groans, crying out or similar noises we can either offer you ear plugs or, if that won't do, arrange for your session to be conducted out of hours (at an additional fee). Or if those sounds bother you we are happy to again offer you ear plugs or turn the music up to a loud enough level in your room that you will not hear anything else.

It's easy for us to prevent you from seeing anyone else at Fetish House but impossible for us to prevent you from hearing someone else. We make every endeavour to ensure that your session is conducted in accordance with your wishes but ask that you understand the nature of the venue you are visiting.


Fetish House is now hosting a number of different events which are a perfect opportunity for kinky individuals or couples to come and get involved in a group setting and explore the kinky delights that Fetish House and it's Mistresses have to offer. Visit our News Page for further details...

Based in Melbourne (Australia), Fetish house is a total fetish venue dedicated to all manner of kink, fantasy and erotic BDSM play.

Click here to see the history of Fetish House

Mistress Tara has established a fully licensed and fully permitted play place where you may experience all your wildest desires - legally! Fetish House is one of only a small number of legally permitted and licensed BDSM venues in Melbourne. Catering to devotees, novices, and curious adventure seekers of the unusual, bizarre, kinky and alternative aspects of erotic pleasure! Fetish House is a custom-built fetish venue which features 6 fully equipped play rooms.

The building is a converted factory/warehouse in Oakleigh (20 minutes South-East of Melbourne's CBD). From the outside it looks like any ordinary red-brick plain warehouse (we like it like this for discretionary reasons) but INSIDE.... The entire internal building is equipped with all modern facilities including heating and air conditioning, showers in each room, disabled access and facilities, separate washroom and toilet facilities and conforms to the utmost in building and health regulations. It has also been designed with the comfort of it's staff completely in mind. There is a large lounge area, dressing room and washroom solely for the private use of staff only. Car parking is ample and discreetly internal on site - no more risk of car parking fines or getting caught in the rain! For those who do not have their own transport it is within easy walking distance from Clayton Train Station. For details on how to get to Fetish House by foot from Clayton Train Station see the How To Get Here page. If you ask very nicely we may also organise to pick you up from the station upon your arrival!

We are Melbourne’s Premier Fetish Establishment, and the only one that is custom designed and built for the sole purpose of fulfilling all your darkest and kinkiest fantasies! We are licensed and legal, and conform to all Health Department regulations.

At Fetish House, you can find a Mistress, submissive, Master or kinky Goddess or fantasy lady to bring your wildest desires to reality. Our staff are amongst some of the most talented and skilled in Australia, with many dedicated fans and worshippers, and we welcome you to come and experience the tantalizing world at their fingertips, whether you are new and curious or have years of experience under your belt.

If you don't feel you might be tempted by anything that Fetish House has to offer but are nevertheless curious you are more than welcome to come in for a guided tour. I have a compendium which, amongst all sorts of other useful information, provides a comprehensive overview of the most popular fantasies and fetishes. My aim is to demystify fetish and fantasy in the attempt to encourage 'straights' to be tempted to try a little 'kink'. I will post information regarding Open Days on this site as well as advertise them in Melbourne Truth when I have some idea of when I will host them.

MASTERS & DOMINANT'S - PLEASE NOTE: Female and male submissives are available and awaiting your firm hand. The degrees and levels to which they offer themselves as a submissive vary greatly - as well as the pricing structure. Please check the profile of each person at Fetish House to find out if they 'sub' and to find out what they will accept as a submissive. Please see 'Sessions & Services' for further details of Fetish House's guidelines for submissive services.


This is a general overview of what is available at Fetish House:
bullit Secure and discreet undercover parking. Cars can be driven directly into the building via Milgate Street roller door entry. The building is conveniently situated so as to provide un-noticeable entry and exit.
bullit Entry into Fetish House is directly from the internal car parking area. There is a secure entry into a reception area. Upon being deemed suitable (i.e. behaving in an orderly manner and not under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol) you will be permitted into the main part of the building. This method protects not only your privacy but everyone else's too!
bullit Room 1 - Dungeon. This room is our most popular for private couples as it features full suspension, a bondage table, DVD player & spa bath.
bullit The Cross Dressing Room has a a huge array of costumes, shoes and accessories.
bullit Room 2 and 3 - Dungeons. These are both fully equipped with an impressive array of equipment and devious devices. The main dungeon also features full facilities for secure and safe suspension.
bullit Room 4 - Fantasy Room for office or school fantasy scenarios.
bullit Room 5 - The Bondage Bed Room, features a wicked looking bondage bed with D rings aplenty to completely immobilise our victims whilst providing a degree of comfort. This room is also excellent for kidnap scenarios or erotic tease sessions.
bullit Room 6 - The Medical Room. That should be self-explanatory.
bullit All the floors in the dungeons have a non-slip, waterproof surface for watersports convenience!
bullit Completely separate and private lounge area for Fetish House's divine Mistresses and subs. This is non-accessible to anyone else! There is also a private toilet, shower, locker room and dressing room facilities for the Mistresses and subs.
bullit The Kitchen - easily accessible from the private lounge but also accessible from the public corridor will be a place for domestic slaves to live out their fantasies.
bullit The Laundry - another source of delight for domestic slaves!
bullit My Private Office - Not accessible to anyone but Me!!!
bullit Public Toilets - incorporating a custom built unit perfect for toilet slave enthusiasts.
bullit Disabled Access & Facilities - throughout the entire building!


Contact Us

1 Edinburgh Street
(cnr. Milgate Street - enter through Milgate Street)

Oakleigh South
Victoria 3167

(03) 9544 8384


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