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Mistress Salina

Why would you choose me as a Mistress? Well, I have the innate ability to have you hand over your power to me while feeling that you're in safe hands. I want you to reveal your darkest fantasies to me, feeling comfortable in the fact that I will never judge you and your kinks, and hoping you will shock me at some point along the way. As soon as you introduce yourself to me, I am observing everything you say, your body language and eye contact, to asses why you seek a Mistress like myself. I want you to be truthful in all your answers and reactions as my pet hate is lying, which goes unpunished.

My Mistressing career started at Fetish House in 2009 and I have developed into a very experienced Mistress in all areas in BDSM and Fetishes and in a position of high regard within the fetish and BDSM community. I get great satisfaction from humiliating, degrading, disciplining and dominating people of all ages and genders. I find playing with couples really exciting as well as challenging. I am currently exploring domination of women and indulging my wicked ways with them. I have the confidence to stand in front of a group of people, along with having the intensity of an intimate moment with only you. Being dominant by nature, I prefer to be the one in control the majority of the time. But sometimes I do enjoy the roles to be reversed and indulge in the submissive side which allows me to have a better insight as to what a submissive experiences.


Foot and Leg Worship: My feet are long, slender, with a high arch and lovely long toes. I’ve been told that the soles of my feet are as soft as a baby’s bottom. I never walk around in bare feet and soak and exfoliate them regularly. My legs are waxed and are very smooth without the stubble from shaving. My legs are quite athletic, calves defined and with muscular upper thighs. I can’t express how much I adore having attention on my feet and legs. Having them massaged, kissed fondled, licked, sucked and placed directly into eager awaiting mouths is just divine.

Anal and strap-on: I feel whole when I wear my strap on cock. I derive pleasure from inserting objects inside others. Holding someone down while penetrating their holes while they moan and groan makes me a very happy Mistress. Playing with such a delicate area of the body, I ensure that care is taken, as I want as much play time as possible.

Wrestling: I am strong, agile and trained in a number of techniques that will have you unable to escape my vice-like hold over you. With strong upper thighs, I scissor you with ease, having you gasping for every breath. If you you're up for a challenge come see me; you won’t be disappointed.

Corporal Punishment: I enjoy having you draped across my legs with your butt high in the air to warm you up for what’s to come. I have a unique collection of implements that I cannot wait to use on your fresh, soft canvas. With precision landing and prefect timing my delivery of each stroke upon your skin, will have you in ecstasy.

My Cross-Dressing Slave (Male): Wendy has been my full time slave for the last 6 years. With long legs and extremely well endowed, she obeys every order I give her. I allow Wendy to partake in sessions with me, for forced bi-sexual experiences, or for those who are a little more experienced with playing with a cock in a frock.


I offer my services to males, females, transgender people and couples. I also sell used undergarments.

If there is a fetish I have not covered below, don't be shy to ask if you would like me to explore it with you.

- Bondage and Restraint using rope, leather, pallet wrap, masking tape and any other material I decide to use on you even like your own tie (Light all the way to Heavy)
- Corporal Punishment using Floggers, whips, canes, straps, dragons tail, wooden spoon, hair brush and any other implement I can get my hands on that can causes you to react (Light all the way to Heavy)
- CBT Instruments of torture weights, hot wax, ball crusher, cock and ball ties, and many other implement's using my imagination (Light to Heavy)
- Foot, boot, hand and glove fetish
- Needle play all gauge needle sizes
- Suturing and Cutting, and can do the two combined
- Smoking fetishes
- Anal play (Light Single Digit through to Strapons and Dildos and Heavy Fisting)
- Humiliation (Public and/or Private) (light, medium and heavy)
- Sensory Deprivation (light, medium and heavy)
- Mummification
- Biting (light to extreme)
- Face Slapping with hand and feet (light to extreme)
- Spitting (Light to extreme)
- Blackmail & Extortion Play
- Smothering, Trampling (light, medium and heavy)
- Cross Dressing (Partial & Full Transformations) and Sissy Training (Instruction in Deportment & Etiquette)
- Role Play (Dominant: e.g. Strict school teacher, naughty nurse, dirty aunty, nasty mother, sexy police officer. Submissive: cheeky schoolgirl, perverted daughter, innocent girl-scout, devoted slave)
- Toilet training, involves golden and/or brown showers
- Wrestling (light erotic, semi competitive and competitive)
- Body Worship, (Light to Heavily forced)
- Sploshing (Food fetish)
- Tickling Fetishes (administering only)



If you wish to contact me personally my email address is mistresssalinareign@gmail.com


Please visit our Roster section for details. If you are unable to see me on any of my usual shifts I may be happy to come in especially for you via appointment on a non-rostered day. Sessions must be a minimum of 1 hour in length and you must be a confirmed existing regular client of mine or be happy to pay a $50 deposit. Details of how to pay deposits can be found on our 'Deposits & Payments' page.


I had organised a 'Spit Roast' with Mistress Salina and Mistress Zoe. I had never done this before and couldn't concentrate all day as my anticipation was extreme. My ultimate fantasy was having a Mistress fucking my ass and me hopefully worshipping the other Mistresses' sweet anus. I was in reception for what seemed an eternity but it made my senses even more heightened. Then both entered and we discussed the session I was taken to the room and left with my instructions. Each Mistress looked beautiful and as I was on all fours I felt excited as each Mistress was circling me and having a conversation with each other. They have a wonderful connection with each other and made me feel comfortable which I needed as this was new to me on so many levels. I am new to sucking cock and not very good, so I was guided wonderfully to feel like I was easing into it and getting better as the session continued. Mistress Salina instructed me to be completely naked and bend over a bench where she inserted a large dildo. Mistress Salina was encouraging me and as I was taking it Mistress Zoe made my fantasy come true as I was able to kiss and lick her exquisite backside. I was instructed to move to a table where Mistress Zoe fucked me good as Mistress Salina hovered over me and thrust her cock in my mouth. This was unbelievably exciting and I didn't want it to stop. They swapped and Mistress Salina put on a 8 inch black cock. As I was taking this I thought my fantasy was over but then Mistress Zoe straddled me and I was in Nirvana. I asked to cum and I did then I was instructed to eat it. This was another first. Both gorgeous Mistresses pushed my limits a great deal and I can't wait to come back. They were both professional, sexy, caring, harsh, respectful and gorgeous. If you are thinking about this session or any other with either Mistress I could not recommend each more highly. Thanks Mistress Salina and Zoe, p 15/3/16

'Driven just as much by curiosity about whether I could really make myself spank a woman as by the prospect of some titillating voyeurism I presented myself at Fetish House on Wednesday 26th August to meet Mz Salina and Apprentice Switch Tash.  Accounts of testing, intense experiences generated by skilful Mistresses are not lacking on the FH website.  Here I would like to testify to the concern shown by two Mistresses to meet me where I was at and allay the diffidence of a newbie spanker. Salina was a last moment ring-in, Mz Lux being indisposed on the day, but I found she had read and assimilated the emails exchanged between Tash and myself.  At the pre-session conference my prospective participation was realistically discussed in terms of my own previous experience as spankee from which, they pointed out to me, not without a smile or two between themselves,  I was well acquainted with what was to be done. 
It remained for them to encourage me to do it.  This was accomplished as the session proceeded by the easy rapport between the two Mistresses and their friendly manner towards me. Once in the dungeon I was invited to take a seat to spectate but the friendly tone already established made this seem unduly formal. I stood up with Salina, moving as necessary to keep out of her way.  Tash followed Salina’s directions, not given without consulting Tash’s preferences, lying on the whipping bench at first and later standing in a bent-over position beside it.  Dialogue between them was largely for my benefit and some remarks were addressed directly to me by each. Tash told me she was enjoying being spanked and she did indeed sound regretful that work considerations dictated that she avoid excessive marking.  I  was eased comfortably into following Salina’s directions, joining in the hand-spanking and after that in the application of suede flogger, leather strap and wooden paddle. I was already acquainted with the state of elation that follows on being beaten by a charming Mistress and had learned how quickly strong feelings of attachment to her can issue from this.   I had now been gentled over a daunting threshold and enabled  to experience the feeling of closeness to his spankee that can be experienced by a spanker. My thanks to two supportive Mistresses whose encouragement was so critical to success on this  -  for me  -  pivotal occasion.' J

To the management at Fetish House, I had a superb interrogation role play session with Mistress Salina yesterday. Her manner, outfit, looks, figure, accent and piercing blue eyes had me going weak at the knees well before we even started. Her control of the role play was just terrific and had me guessing and my mind racing all the time so much so that at one point I had to admit I had not thought my answer through properly. She did her research and made every effort to create the correct scene for which I am entirely grateful. She had many delightful, unexpected tricks that I had never experienced before. Her use of the electrical paraphernalia was both creative and imaginative and combined with her cracking of the bull whip had me flinching before contact was made with my skin which is a sure sign that she had got inside my head with her instruments of pain and pleasure. She sent me out of this world. Her consideration about my background was very professional and worthy of commendation. It showed just how carefully and thoughtfully she relates to her clients. She has a beautifully fit body skin and stunning good looks, just someone to die for without a second thought. I hope her employers realise what a treasure she is; talented, articulate, intelligent, professional and stunningly beautiful with a completely wild imagination. To use just one word for my whole experience yesterday it would be “PERFECTION”.  I can't wait for my next session, assuming Mistress Salina accepts my request. I am sure she she is one of the most requested Mistresses at Fetish House where the staff, facilities and atmosphere are just the very best. Regards, S 14/8/15

Dear Mistress Salina, Thank You! You took me places I didn’t know I wanted to go and yet I found that I completely trusted you to take me there. You helped me discover genuine subspace. Something I thought, mistakenly, that I already knew. After a long build-up, the endorphins rushed through my entire body causing the most wonderful rush. And when You had finished those exquisite torments and my body had turned to jelly, You took care of me. I cannot thank you enough. J

Mistress Tara I have had the pleasure of Mistress Salina's company twice, and on both occasions she has achieved something no other person has been able to - that is an Anal Fisting. Those who have tried will understand that to open yourself to receive a Mistress at such a level requires a deep connection, and a willingness to submit wholly to that person. To my mind there is no greater expression of submissiveness. Mistress Salina achieves this through her amazing caring nature, her willingness to test my commitment and her deep connection that allowed her to know when i was ready to receive her wholly and fully. I cannot describe in words the feeling of that last inch as you whole body chooses to receive her and pulls her in and the contentedness of being full is amazing. Thank you again Mistress Salina - you are amazing beyond words - till next time. Dee

Waiting patiently in the private room My Lady softly whispered to me that She was nervous. Something She would never usually do. Sitting at Her feet I noticed Her hands shaking and pressed my legs against Hers. She is new to ALL of this. Not just visiting a Professional Dominatrix either, new to BDSM! As the door opened i was awestruck by the Goddess framed within it. i heard My Lady gasp and felt Her legs tremble then relax against mine. The Goddess' Dominance was palpable as She introduced Herself. i mumble something nervously in Russian only to be chastised by My Lady and The Goddess Mistress Salina. Mistress Salina's presence filled the room, calming, reassuring, alluring and enticing. When She touches my hand there is a familiar Dominant crackle across my skin and looking into those intense blue eyes i know i am "home", that She is right for Uus. She leads Uus, and Wwe follow Her into Her Lair. What will soon become Their Lair and my magical prison. Mistress Salina is a divine Mistress to behold! Her blue gaze intense, piercing into the deepest crevices of your soul and drawing out your darkest, most sinister debaucherous desires. Her scent is ambrosial, intoxicating, tantalising to the senses. Her voice whispers across your skin like silk, before cracking like a whip reminding you that She owns you now. Her touch like wildfire, melting away your fear and inhibitions, all the while fuelling those debaucherous, carnal desires. Awakening the frenzied delirium, then softly soothing the soul. She is a kind and patient Teacher. A firm and tactile Mistress. A Sadistic Goddess to Whom Wwe must return. Oh, how the wait is torture! Yours in submissive adoration,
S & c. 14/01/2015"

"I was shown into the waiting room by the receptionist and a few minutes later Mistress salina entered. She greeted me and immediately I felt her dominance envelop me, I looked into her piercing eyes, and another emotion overcame me, one of calmness and trust something in the back of my mind told me I would be safe with the Mistress. She asked about my previous experence I babbled something I forget what, she smiled her knowing smile and bade me to follow. Then she showed me into Her domain and with Mistress Cherry gave me such an amazing time that I will not forget, and i am only awaiting the opportunity to return into Her control once again. Being an older guy I often need the little blue pills, but for some reason I forgot them and didn't have the time to return home i needn't have worried as both Mistress's were so sexy and wonderful that i left a very happy man." L. 9/12/14

Thanks heaps for our recent session. I very much enjoyed your intelligent conversation, considered approach and flashes of humour – while having no doubt who was in charge. Three days later my cheeks still bear visual testimony to the arse-reddening paddling you so cheerfully and efficiently administered (the stocks/pillory setup was amazing for reducing me to a position of absolute helplessness – I could hardly even flinch...). You obviously listened carefully to our initial conversation, then used your experience, understanding and initiative to help me explore some known attractions (helplessly using my plastic pilchers for their intended purpose) and some hitherto unexplored areas of excitement. Who would've thought that nipple clamps could be so stimulating, or that a bit-gag would cause such humiliating submissive drooling? As someone much more famous than I once said: I'll be back...

Mark 14/11/14

Hi Mistress Salina,

What can I say except another totally awesome experience today with you - thank you. You continue to surprise, excite and please me - although it's my desire to please you my lady!! I'll be back soon, I promise!!!

You are totally amazing,

Thanks again,

Yours, Andrew 18/06/2014

I recently reacquainted myself with Fetish House after a number of years of abstinence, and was lucky enough that Mistress Salina allowed me to grace her presence. After our initial meeting and discussion on what sort of session l was seeking, she led me through to her place of debauchery. Although only small in stature, she has a 'air of power' about her that is undeniable, while over 6 foot in height l felt that she was always looking down on me with her beautiful blue eyes. I have a fetish for feminisation and anal play, in both instances Mistress Salina enabled me become her new plaything and named me ' Amanda'. Mistress Salina carefully selected some very slutty attire that transformed me into Amanda, the way she assisted me in dressing was in itself extremely arousing. I was made to parade around in front of her showing off my scantily covered arse, and then bent over to be given a good old fashioned spanking and finger fucking, followed by... I will not divulge any more of my secrets and what occurred in the time spent with Mistress Salina, all l can say is that Mistress Salina is a divine creature not to be taken lightly - she fulfilled my every expectation and look forward to meeting her again soon to take help me push my senses and limits

Hope this not too gushy!!!!

Amanda 18/2/14

Dear Mistress Salina,

I wanted to let you know that the other day’s session was amazing and unforgettable.

I have never felt so good, I believe to having touched a state of ecstasy, never experienced before.

It is not easy to describe that. One thing is for sure: it was like traveling in another world, in the space, in another dimension.
I believe it is a way to get ideas about what life is about. I was like floating in a field of energy, maybe made of pure love.

You brought me there, thank you.

I look forward to see you again, hopefully soon.

Monique 25/11/13

Hello Mistress Salina:

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for a wonderful experience the other night. It wasn't so much what you did to me, it was what you did for me, as you helped me realise what had been in my head for years. I was really impressed with everything about you. The initial email was courteous and friendly and your manner the whole way through was caring, encouraging and utterly professional. Most important to me was that I never sensed you were only going through the motions and I am grateful for that. Not only are you an incredibly beautiful woman, you seem like a really wonderful person. I sincerely hope it's not too long before I can make it back for another visit.

Warm regards



Hi Princess Salina,

Thanks very much for the medical roleplay, it was very good, i enjoyed it. You were really like a professional doctor doing examinations and noting down the inference there by creating a real time feel of being examined in a doctor's office, unlike other dungeons which has a examination bed in a bondage room, FH as a very good Medical room with white walls giving a feeling of being in a real examination room and with skilled professional doctors like you and MistressLauren its an incredible experience. Like always you were too good playing the role as a research doctor to perfection even a professional doctor or nurse wouldn't have done the examinations so meticulously.

You are an amazing role player fitting any roles with perfection, when you take a role to play you almost turn being the character itself be it a doctor or lady boss, thats excellent and you play all roles and activities wholeheartedly with lot of passion and involvement, never seen one who can play roles and do activities with perfection and with fervour  . I wonder could there be any roles you can't play, I don't think so :). It was also another fantastic experience to be part of a role play involving you and Mistress Lauren, you both complement each other well and both of you role play well together. Thanks also for extending your stay in the session

I always wanted to try different creative and innovative role plays with the scenarios I create but mostly I ended up disappointed as the Mistress wouldn't be able to imbibe or play the role with perfection and enthusiasm but you made all my role play dreams come true like an angel with perfection, I am grateful to you.

Keep in Touch

Shiva 4/6/13

Dear Princess Salina,

Hope you remember me. We Role Played Princess and the captured ex bf Prince last Thursday.

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the wonderful session I had with you. It was a memorable session, you were really nice to play with, you are very friendly, kinky, sexy, innovative, funny, naughty and of course you are a beautiful Princess. I liked the intensity you carried from the beginning till the end of the role play and I really liked the way you were involved in the role play making me feel really like a captured slave dominated by the gorgeous Princess. The way you combined domination with erotic caressing was very excellent. You are a skilled role player with your own unique classy style. You are too good with the strapon and you are really proficient when it comes to humiliation both physical and verbal, you have a sweet kinky voice and the way you use it for intonation during verbal humiliation is outstanding.

I believe I used all the beautiful and great words in the world in the above para, you deserve that. The most amazing trait of you is the way you patiently listened and discussed the likes and expectations of me, then the way you brought them to reality, like making a dream come true, you did almost everything I requested, another awesome thing about you is the way you enjoyed doing whatever I asked for, you loved whatever you did and you did them with great passion making me love it, feel it and enjoy it. I would recommend you to anyone who want to choose a talented Mistress. I will surely love to have an another session with you.

Are you on Facebook?


Shiva 3/5/13

Mistress Salina,

Here's my testimonial as promised. Sorry I'm referring to you in third person perspective but I thought it would read better on the site this way.

I've been to Fetish House quite a few times now, always for sessions involving scissor holds, but regrettably only the one time with Mistress Salina.

She was utterly professional from the very beginning, and spent more time talking and asking questions prior to the session starting than I am used to, but I'm so very glad she did. Every single detail was perfect, which has never happened before. She was very friendly and easy to talk to, and made me feel comfortable and relaxed the whole time.

Don't let her size and her jaw-dropping good looks deceive you (I was expecting a fair bit based on her photos, but my god she's beautiful in person). She might be very small and petite but wow...did I ever get the shock of my life. I'm 6'2" and quite strong; no one has ever been able to seriously trouble me with a scissor hold before. Not only did Mistress Salina trouble me without tiring for a whole hour, she completely overwhelmed me and knocked me out cold, and quite easily too. I've never been knocked out before, and many have tried. You just don't expect someone so gorgeous who doesn't even reach your shoulder height to be so incredibly strong. And she was enjoying my pain and helplessness maybe even more than I was.

A perfect session with a perfect Mistress, and I don't have a choice: I have to do this again.

Nick 10/4/13

Dearest Mistress Salina,
Thank You so much for our session it was awesome, i don't think my cock had been pulled in so many directions.
But the absolute highlight would have to be You pushing my limits by introducing me to needling. i never thought that i could do it, but i'm so i glad You were my first.
What i think really helped was You allowing me to worship You. That might be the way to get me to do absolutely anything for You that way, not that i wouldn't anyway.
And my orgasm, so damn intense as You saw it went everywhere.
From the bottom of Your feet, thank You so much Mistress.
pet dan 21/1/13

Her hair was golden, smooth and clean
Her PVC dress would glisten and gleam
With eyes that peered straight into my soul
She knew all about me, without being told

Those boots, my god, a symbol of power
Yet elegance flourished, the scent of a flower
I gave unto thee, all that I was worth
I'd have carried her all the way to Perth

We played, we fought, she'd always win
I didn't mind, evident of my grin
A snapshot, a picture, forged inside my head
I couldn't believe it was more than I'd read

And with that, our time was suddenly up
I hurriedly finished my tea in a cup
I'll be back for more, it could not be cleaner
My impression of her, that girl named Salina

X 8/1/13

Hi Tara

Just letting you know what a great mistress, Mistress Salina is. I had seen her several times a couple of years back but had obviously forgotten how good she was (or she has improved). You know the sort of session I like and as you know I have had my run ins with some mistresses over the years. To find Salina, who I might say is much more attractive in the flesh than the photos give her credit for, was a stroke of luck. I explained what I wanted and she was in agreement with it all. Not only did she agree but when she ran the session it was exactly as I had requested - very impressive. It is unusual for me to finish a session and not want to say next time can we do ... slightly differently. Next time with Salina I will simply say - exactly the same as last time. I will certainly be coming back to see her in the near future. We (you and I) are both lucky to have a mistress of Mistress Salina's skill level working at Fetish House.

Kind regards

Naughty school boy John 2/1/13

Mistress Salina,

Wow,wow, wow, what a session. You actually spat in my mouth!!! Twice, what a turn on.
I was tied and paddled to perfection. The violet wand was great (Although I could have taken more).
To finish the golden shower was all I could have hoped for. I tried my upmost to not spill any, but after 3 full mouthfuls some got away, sorry to displease you but it will not happen again. When you looked me in the eye at close quarters at the end you sent shivers right through me.
I totally recommend your services to anyone and look forward to the opportunity to see you again.

Steve, Gold Coast 21/12/12

Dear Mistress Tara,

Yesterday afternoon I had the very great pleasure of meeting three of your staff:- Mistresses Lauren, Salina and Lux. What wonderfully delightful ladies they are; devastatingly beautiful, with such fun dispositions coupled with a totally non-judgemental friendliness and a refreshing honesty.

On my arrival Mistress Lauren took the time to help me work out just what type of session would best suit my needs; I was obviously somewhat nervous but she explained the options in an open, friendly manner which certainly helped put me at ease. During the session all three ladies took special care to ensure I was comfortable at all times. I will certainly be coming back, soon!!

Mistresses Lauren, Salina and Lux are absolute gems and fabulous assets to your establishment & I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective client, especially anyone who is a little nervous and needs some reassurance.

Thank you for your establishment and especially your wonderful staff.

Kind regards

John 31/10/12

Dear Mistress Salina

I just wanted to email you to say thank you for the most delicious session we had back in July.

I do apologise for not writing to you earlier to compliment you.

It was the first time that I have been to a professional Mistress and as a female I really appreciated the fact that you took the time to talk me through things, build a relationship over the email. You really put me at ease, especial as I am a International client.

Meeting you was wonderful, you are beautiful , intelligent,skilled, incredibly sexy and sensual, you totally mesmerised me.

You forfilled my desires, I still tingle at the delectible memories. I enjoyed being your little doll to play with.

I have told my friends who are interested in fetish and B&D all about you- I highly recommend you to anyone...in fact I rave about you.

My only misgiving was that I did not book more time with you! 1 hour was not enough....your energy is addictive.

You have one devoted fan/sub and I intend to visit you again.

with much love and appreciation

Rose 27/10/12

Hi Salina,

Just wanted to thank you for a great and challenging session we had last Sunday. Who would of thought that someone so petite and sweet could turn into this strong wrestling maniac! I had huge amounts of fun wrestling you, even though I'm 6'3" you certainly gave me a challenge, and WOW, you had me in a head lock with your thighs, they are as sexy as they are strong! For someone so small you definitely cant be under estimated. Thanks again.
I will be back for more!!

Sam. 3/10/12

Simply put, Mistress Salina is the consummate professional. This extends from the initial approach and discussion to her appearance, emotional intelligence and overall conduct.

Mistress Salina has an innate ability, almost a sixth sense, to be able to connect on a deep physical and emotional level that involves language, touch and use of toys. Mistress Salina immerses herself in each session, and you can truly sense her own level of engagement and enjoyment which serves to heighten the intensity from each session and the ultimate pleasure.

Mistress Salina shows the utmost respect and care for her playmate, whilst displaying an uncanny knack to understand what actions will result in maximum physical arousal and mental stimulation. Boundaries are never crossed, although happily stretched!

Whilst my fetish is a cross dressing session combined with significant anal play, I have no doubt that Mistress Salina's professionalism would make any session a magical experience.

Katie - September 2012

Mistress Salina is gorgeously sexy, trim, taught and terrific. Talking to Mistress before our session she spent time understanding my drivers and explaining hers. I wrestled Mistress Salina. I am a bit of a brute but she is very strong for her size, fit and more skilled than I am and, short of getting nasty, which I could never do, I could not prevent her defeating me most of the time. If I was starting to gain the upper hand, Mistress was able to distract me by erotic teasing and so turn the tables again. Mistress Salina is creative and has a lovely easy manner and you can tell that she is living her own truth, not play acting. Her own obvious enjoyment was a huge turn on. Towards the end of the session Mistress tied me up, prised a spreader between my lips and proceeded to use me in the most perverted manner while forcing me to a climax. It was the fruition of a most powerful fantasy and something I will never forget. And then she sat down with me and we talked a little bit about who we are and what turns us on. Mistress Salina is a beautiful, intelligent, caring and deeply perverted mistress, who I shall visit again whenever I can.

Regards, Steve 16/3/12

Dear Mistress Salina

My name is Doug

I recently had a session with you and Mistress Lauren

I gave you the baton and cap.

You were both dressed up as Police women an extreemly sexy and powerful sight

I was tied up and roughed up with a baton, handcuffed, (felt powerless) had anal play, finger and strap on. forcing me into a confession

I was priveleged to taste both your and Luarens golden shower it was absolutley amazing.

From the time I got there in the waiting room it all started

The anticipation, hearing the high heals on the floor, wondering if they were for me waiting naked alone in one of the rooms surrounded by all sorts kinky items heightened senses when i first saw you an lauren i couldn't believe it. What was going to happen to me.

Well it was all beyond imagination, The role play, so realistic sexy and scary all at the same time.

I'll never forget the session.

You are simply the best.

Doug 2/4/12

HI Salina,

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed my experience with you today, it was sexcellent!! You put so much effort into it, and I thank you for that. I'll be back I am sure, I hope you had a great time also. Once again thanks for making me feel so good...it was lovely!!

Andrew 14/2/12

Dear Mistress Tara,

A short note of thanks and the strongest possible recommendation for your establishment. I had my first ever session with Mistress Salina and Mistress Misty last week, airing a long held and rather intense interrogation fantasy. What could easily have been slightly disappointing in the real world turned out to be genuinely one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life (and I've had a good life). Both Mistresses were very considerate and good company both before and after the session. In session they weren't so nice, and read me like a book, getting more from every second of a first session than anyone could expect. I'm sure your other Mistresses are fantastic, but Mistress Misty and Mistress Salina are perfection incarnate so I'll be sticking with them in future!

Best wishes,

Tom 21/3/11

Hi Lauren (& Salina),

Thank you so much again to you and Salina for the time of my life last night. This is just something you can put up on the site if you like:

I've had the obscene good fortune of being with Mistress Lauren twice in three days. If that's not extremely lucky enough, the second time was shared with the breathtaking (at times literally so) Mistress Salina. A solo session with Mistress Lauren is like being a volunteer in the most erotic circus act ever made. You will not believe the death-defying feats that she will subject your body to. As you can imagine, when Mistress Salina joins in, the chemistry makes for a highly combustible sensory explosion to say the least. Every step I took for the rest of the evening on the way home produced a nice little shudder of pleasure running through me. I felt blisfully drained for hours and it took me 10 seconds to cum the next morning just thinking about the experience. 

Heaven filled with a harem of girls is a pathetic myth. I'll take a hell where these two have their hands (among many other things) all over me anyday.

- Jason 28/1/11

Dear Mistress Tara,

Having been a loyal client of yours pre F.H. and since its inception you are no doubt aware that l`m not one to do and tell, this being my first ever email to you at F.H., however l feel compelled to contact you after a recent encounter with Mistress Salina during January 2011.My circumstances require Mistresses to visit me and as always the conundrum that l face is which Mistress is best equipped to meditate my needs and desires given my challenging surrounds. During my time in your service you have never failed to deliver capable and competent `therapists` for my and their enjoyment. The best Mistress that l have ever served is of course yourself, that being many moons ago, that said, the greatest compliment that l can give to any other is `one caste in your mould`. Mistress Salina most certainly fits that criteria.

Mistress Salina, having had a few days to savior the memory of your visit am both privileged and honoured to have been in your company. You truly are blessed with a unique insight, flair and intuitive ability to sum up a humble slaves dreams and hopes. You genuinely enjoy what you do and that in itself flows across to your subject`s inner being resulting in a vastly enhanced and pleasurable experience. Allow me to commend you on your magnificent lithe body, especially when cocooned in tight black latex, that's when l went to F.H. heaven.....l`m still their everytime l think of you. It goes without saying that l`ll be in contact again soon.Many thanks again to you for investing your valuable time and resources in our mutual pleasures and desires.

Yours in service A.M. 25/1/11

Hey Lauren (& Salina),

Thanks for the kick arse session last night we had an AMAZING time, yourself and Salina put on such a great show.
We were all so nervous, seeing that it was our first time seeing BDSM live, but seconds after meeting you both felt so comfortable and ready for a new and thrilling experience.
We haven't shut up about it haha, and will definitely be booking something again with you both at a later date.

You RULE!!!

Rob 23/1/11

Hi Salina,

Just a quick note to say thankyou for our wonderful session, despite visiting a number of mistresses i still get very nervous, yet you imediatley put me at ease and took the time to have a chat to talk about interest and where the session would go.

I am amazed at the way you handled the session, you managed to include a vast number of items that i listed as interests. You displayed a genuine interest for BS session that most mistresses claim to do but have no interest in.

After the session you took time to have a chat, to compare notes.

Thankyou again, i look forward to our next session.

R. 10/11/10

I was led to Fetish House after a previous involvement with a Domme where I was not getting the satisfaction I was seeking from our sessions. After quite a while I decided to see if some other Mistress could unlock that special something and make my sessions valuable for me and enjoyable for my Mistress. I didn't expect to have the quick success I did have.

I arranged an appointment with Mistress Salina to whom I was attracted by her profile on the website and the day came and we met and discussed what it was that I really seeking from my sessions. I felt quite comfortable telling Mistress Salina my innermost and private thoughts and decided to have a 30 minute session. I was staggered at how Mistress Salina was able to touch on each of my fantasies/areas of interest all in 30 minutes and I knew that I had found that special relationship.

Since then (May), I have seen Mistress Salina three more times and on each one the routine has included the same general themes but has been new and exciting as well. After a session with Mistress Salina, I feel satisfied (thoroughly) and envirogated as well. The psychological and physical experience I have is out of this world. Mistress Salina can be cruel and kind and I recommend her to anyone either new to this world or disatisfied with previous experiences.

G 22/8/10

"I was fortunate that Mistress Salina agreed to put together story based on my fantasy.. Mistress Salina delivered a clear, articulate and well constructed story that included and expanded on all the aspects I was after.. I still get pleasure from reading it time and time again.... The depth of time, care and thought that went into the story shone through... I would certainly commend this service to you all!"

I have some time in a couple of weeks and I was hoping to come down and have a session at the House... just a quick question..

In the Cross dressing section, what does the house have in the way of black tie evening/formal gowns? I am size 16.


Edward 13/7/10


Won't drive you mad with emails but I just wanted to say again how fantastic today was for me!

Everything you did was perfect and I enjoyed it all even more knowing that it wasn't a drag for you.

You're a true professional and gave me more in 30 minutes than I'd received in the last 3 years.

Thanks again and I will see you again in around 4 weeks!

Your very happy slave

Gerard 2/6/10

Hi Salina,Thankyou for a great session yesterday really looking forward to our next one.
XOXO K. 26/5/10

Hi Salina,

Fantastic session last Tuesday.

You demostrated outstanding skills and professionalism.

Until next time.

Yours truly

Peter 1/5/10

Dear Mistress Salina

Thank you very much for the session today, it's the best i have ever had your so intoxicating, so powerful, even driving home i could smell your perfume on me driving me crazy lol.

I'm still in a daze thinking about you, i hope i could please, i really do wish i could serve you one day...

p.s I got my quickiest time on the bike for 20 km aswell

Yours dan 31/3/10

Hi Miss Salina

You certainly know how to turn fantasy into reality, and for that I thank you. I had a blast of a time with you today, and done something I dreamt about since high school (and this is a fair while ago).

I hope we can play again soon (that's if I am worth anything of course).


Tony 10/12/09

Hi Mistress Tara,

Sorry this has taken so long, but the Uni exams have been occupying my time since October. I met the awesome twosome [separately] and wrestled both...

1. Mistress Salina

Despite having a beautiful face, beautiful body and being all-round awesomely cute was a devastating wrestler. Her strength was unbelievable and I was utterly helpless in her grasp! She then stripped me and made me suffer a sadistic "milking" while easily controlling my physique with just one hand! 

Totally awesome!

2. Mistress Rei

The awesomely cute Mistress Rei is one of the hottest girls I have ever wrestled. She has such a pretty face and her "yakuza girl" tatoos are awesome.

After she had defeated me with contemptuous ease, she allowed me to worship her body which was so cute it was worth the punishment I suffered.

Totally awesome!

darren 13/11/09

Hi Mistress Salina

As I do with any of my session at F/ H always like to say Thankyou your session was great , Love the fact you did the session with very little on love it even if I could not touch or lick , maybe next time .Sorry I did not come better planned F/H was not on my radar and would have email you two day before with a plan. hope next time we can make the session hotter and sexy 

Until then you take care dont work to hard and will see you again 

Kev 8/11/09

Dear Mistress Salina,

Thankyou so much for the group session that we had together. You and Mistress Lauren are certainly a dynamic duo. You work perfectly together and the sight of the two of you young girls playing together naked will keep me happy for a very, very long time. You have an amazing personality and a fantastic body!!! You are so horny and so naughty that I still cant believe how lucky I am to have chosen you to have a session with. That playful side of yours is wicked!!! You are so seductive and so full of energy. You played with me until I felt I was going to explode everywhere, and then at the end WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to have not just a great time, but the time of their life. 

Thankyou so much Mistress Salina, I will definitely be coming to see you again very soon. I would be a fool to miss out.
Mathew. 24/9/09


Wonderful session today - loved every part of it. I look forward to the next time - give me a few weeks and I will set something up.


Peter 8/9/09






EZ 14/07/2009

Just recently I had the pleasure of the company of the lovely Mistress Selina. This was an experience and a challenge for Selina, as it was her first solo session, and also for myself as I was aiming to see a fetish/rollplay trough to it's ultimate conclusion.
Selina is a warm, encouraging, talanted, mature and very understanding lady - and this made the whole session a hit.
Guys - don't keep things locked up in your head forever. Fetish house and its wonderful staff are there to help you bring these things out to explore and understand - and accept.
This is exactly what Mistress Selina did for me while crafting things just as I had hoped they would be.
THANKS SALINA for a wonderful experience. You certainly know how to make a man happy!! 
take care
Rod 2/7/09

I had session with the fantastic Salina.

I wanted her to know it was the best experience I have had thus far at Fetish House and I will certainly be back for more.

Dale 13/5/09

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